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Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue

Rescuing Homeless Dogs and Cats, Rehabilitating and Finding Wonderful Adoptive Homes

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Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue focuses on saving puppies born on First Nations communities to homeless mothers or owned mothers with puppies having no homes once the mother has no more milk. We help homeless dogs and cats from starving and freezing to death in northern Albertan, Saskachewan, NWT and Manitoba.  Our group frequently collaborates with northern Albertan shelters that are full of dogs that no one is adopting and taking in the more difficult dogs that are fearful of people and rehabilitate them so they learn to trust and enjoy people, other dogs, and become a great,  adoptable pet.  We physically rescue dogs that are scrounging for food that other people ignore, after rescue they go to the veterinarian for spay/neuter, vaccines and other veterinary care needed and we review adoption applications to match a pets need to the adopter. We have a very successful adoption, foster and rehabilitation program and working towards a spay and neuter program in First Nations  communities.   

Our group also helps dogs, usually small ones in Mexico, see they get necessary veterinarian care, flight documents,and bring them into our adoption program so people in Alberta and BC can adopt small dogs since little ones are not often found in local shelters and the streets in Mexico sadly have all breeds and mixes of little ones on the streets, in dumps, and abandoned in houses.

We are also currently focusing on working with First Nations leaders to gather homeless, roaming starving dogs and bring them back to Alberta.  We are looking to fund for a rescue center, zoned for dogs, where many dogs on reserves can come in at one time after a humane round up. We need help helping the homeless dogs.  Funding is critical to save the lives of dogs, cats and puppies who are immensely suffering, often every day of their life.  There often is no reprieve from hunger, thirst or severe cold. We appreaciate all the help we receive from people who care and see how dedicated we are at saving the lives and prevent suffering of as many animals as we are possible of helping.