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Rockland Recovery Homes Inc

Choice---Voice---Empowerment---Dignity and Respect---Hope

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Mission: To support persons in recovery by improving their access to safe, stable residences with peer and community support. 
Vision: Adequate housing for all individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder. 
Why: People are dying mid-stream of their recovery process because they often do not have a place to live safely, a place to socialize with others in recovery. Peers are not closely available to help with and share the difficulties as well as the successes of recovery, to give them hope. They need to develop greater accountability and gain a sense of empowerment. 
Goal: Is to provide homes for all those in recovery that do not have a safe, stable residence to live. In. There is a great need for these homes in Rockland County due to the current healthcare crisis of substance use disorders. A safe, stable residence is a critical part of a successful recovery process because it provides a place to live and work with others towards the goal of a productive life back in their community. Peer and community support are important. They will share common struggles and learn skills to prepare themselves to move forward. Support in, witnessing and socializing with others as they succeed in this process will give each resident hope and empowerment, critical to their success.