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Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Rescue. Love. Adopt.

https://www.rmfr-colorado.org/ Tax ID 84-0862418


Mission Statement

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue’s mission is to care for and shelter homeless cats and kittens until we can find them a permanent, loving home.

Vision Statement

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is committed to cultivating and maintaining a strong, professional network of foster care providers, volunteers and partner shelters together with our talented shelter and veterinary staff to care for our resident cats and kittens. Loving homes, play, protection, and comprehensive medical support are what drive our mission. We rely on our community partners and neighbors to support the shelter’s growth, and we give back to local families through our educated staff and volunteers who help potential adopters find their purrfect match with our cats and kittens. At RMFR, we are dedicated to making every little life a life worth living.

Core Values

CommittedWe are committed to the RMFR mission and vision.  We are dedicated to the animals in our care and the staff, supporters, clients, and volunteers who stand behind us.

InnovativeWe challenge old notions about what injuries or illnesses should end a shelter animal’s life.  We provide space for our veterinarians to perform life saving surgeries other shelters are not equipped to provide.  We value the lives of FIV+ and FeLV+ cats and kittens.

CollaborativeWe value our relationships with individuals and organizations.  We recognize and respect our reliance on like minded partners to meet our collective goals.  We celebrate our supportive and diverse community.

CompassionateWe are kind, caring, and willing to help animals in need.  We make thoughtful decisions based on the well-being of humans and animals alike.

CourageousWe believe in ourselves and know what we stand for.  We have strong values, recognize our strengths and opportunities, and confidently question the status quo.  We do not hesitate to respectfully disagree or take risks.