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Among many other programs RISTA Child Education Program aims to increase attendance, participation and quality of education in the neglected tribal villages of India. The specific program that is being run now is in Gajapura village of Gujarat India. Gajapura is 90KM away from Baroda city of Gujarat and is the home of tribal population. Less than 50% of children of the school goes to formal school and none of them are taught Mathematics, Science and English. Parents do not prefer to send their children to school let alone focus on the quality of education. RISTA Foundation effort of complementary schooling has not only making impact quantitatively but hugely qualitatively and the results are shown in less than 3 months when grade 1 students are able to impress teachers in ones in Mathematics, Science and English better than grade 6 or 7th students that are only going to formal school. RISTA Foundation has unique methodology in which key stakeholders are involved in such a way that they start to become the advocate for Children Education and start to take the lead in this journey of transformation. You are invited to be part of this transformation journey!

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