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I'm Jake. On Thursday June 24th, 2010, my 6 month old "nephew" Ben was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his spine. From what I have been told, the tumor is invasive and encroaching on his nervous system. I understand this second part to mean that it is not only on his spine, but also on his spinal cord.
Señor Ben is currently being treated at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, OR. In the next couple of days we hope to learn not only what kind of cancer he's dealing with, but also what the plan of attack is to destroy the cancer and get Ben back on track.
Now I'm an optimistic person by nature, but I'm also a realist. Any fight with cancer no matter how big or small or what kind of cancer you're dealing with is bound to be a battle. That is just the nature of the disease. Because I am currently stuck in the Bay Area because of certain obligations, I have decided to not only try to raise a little money for my nephew and his parents, but to make a gesture of solidarity for my nephew. While he is too little to understand the gesture, I hope it will not be lost on others.
My idea is to shave my head while trying to raise a little money for those things that Dave's awesome insurance may not cover during this battle. It is a way for me to both show solidarity with Ben and support him and his parents in a small way at the same time.
Here's where all of you come in. You can just make a flat donation of some sort out of the goodness of your hearts. You can suggest haircuts for me along the way to shaving my head and include a donation. I'd go as far as to say that you can bid on being the person (or people) that get to do the final shaving of my head. Keep in mind that I have been growing my hair out for over a year. So we have a number of possibilities for haircuts/hairstyles on the way to shaving my head. And when I say shaving my head, I mean with a razor, not clippers. As I am in the Bay Area, I will most likely have the preliminary haircuts done here while posting pictures of them on my facebook account along with other various accounts. Depending on how we ultimately run this thing, I may travel to Medford or Portland for the final shaving of my head. If the "winner" that gets to do the shaving doesn't live in one of those two places I would ask that they meet me or be ok with choosing someone who does to be their stand in.
I am also open to suggestions for other ideas of how we could go about doing this.



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