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***Latest News (8/3/17): Our Campaign is LIVE*** 

100% of Your Donation Will Go to the
American Children's Cancer Association

Childhood Cancer Has Risen 40%   Our children are being inundated with environmental poisons, resulting in increasingly higher cancer and other diseases. I'm riding in support of a charity that's doing something powerful about this (see below) -- and your kind assistance will help them do so!

CHARITY I'M RIDING FOR: American Children's Cancer Association (Give2Kids.com), is an approved, 501(c)(3) charity, and the only children's cancer charity that focuses on promoting natural childhood cancer prevention and safe, effective alternative treatments. 

WHY: Many parents don't know that more gentle, highly effective treatments are available to their cancer-stricken child. With your generous help, upon reaching the charity's fundraising goal, the charity is expanding to assist more families with kids struggling with cancer, by:

  • educating parents across the country about all the environmental toxins their children are dealing with daily, and how to help them prevent childhood cancer, and other diseases.
  • guiding parents with kids stricken with cancer, find the safest. most natural and effective treatment options
  • providing emergency monetary assistance to low-income families, struggling with the constant financial burden of their child's treatments.
  • providing free transportation to and from their treatment centers
  • completely updating their website, by adding more much-needed informational resources, as well as creating many more of their educational materials, like this and this.

Imagine the relief your kind donation will bring to these overburdened families, doing all that is humanly possible to return their child to full health!

ABOUT THE CYCLIST: Hi, I'm Alex Streeter, an experienced cyclist, father, and graphic designer.

As most people, I know the tragedy that cancer brings into our families lives.

During my bike tour, I want to do whatever I can to help the charity fulfill their mission, by:


  • raising funds for this very worthwhile charity
  • raising awareness about the alarming rise of childhood cancer
  • providing much-needed information on safe, effective, natural prevention & treatment options, during interviews with local and social media.

PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON MY RIDE - as I post updates along the way. 

I will be hitting the road as soon as we reach 10% of our goal ($5000), so we appreciate anything you can do allow me to begin the journey ASAP, promoting the charity and their mission!

100% of Your Donation Will Go to the
American Children's Cancer Association,
and is Tax Deductible

Thank you for considering supporting
American Children's Cancer Association, and sponsoring our bike tour!