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Ret USA Inc

RET. Bridging the Gaps in Africa. The Americas. Asia. Europe. The Middle East.


RET's Mission:

We alleviate suffering and catalyze sustainable development in crises, conflicts, and fragile contexts.

Since RET’s founding, we have worked in more than 32 countries, implementing more than 360 projects to help our program participants overcome multi-dimensional adversities. We have helped refugee adolescents and youth in refugee camps; we have assisted communities from Asia, Africa, and the Americas made vulnerable by displacement, violence, armed

conflict, and disasters. We have provided a broad diversity of programs aimed at protecting and building the resilience of youth and women affected by crises.

We believe we are amongst the leading NGOs to provide tailor-made solutions and relevant programs to bridge the gaps and respond to the real needs and challenges of the communities. We aim to provoke significant positive change, enabling particularly vulnerable youth and young women to take control of their lives and fulfill their social and economic rights.