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Christ-Centered. Eyecare. Ministry.

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Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation was incorporated March 23, 2018 with a vision to be the foremost Christ-centered eyecare ministry, focusing on physical and spiritual well-being through the world.  Our mission is simple:  create a world where everybody sees better both physically and spiritually. Our purpose is to provide eyecare while fulfilling the call to share God’s love.

Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation has led several missions into Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Belize, and Peru. The Board of Directors consist of 4 lay persons, 6 licensed practicing Optometrists holding current licenses and insurance through their employers. We have partnered with Kentucky College of Optometry and the New England College of Optometry, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists International, to make better eyecare providers through education and interactive/hands-on learning while opening the spiritual eyes of the Optometry profession toward compassionate clinical care. Our goals while in the mission field are to empower people to self-manage ocular health needs, partner with local health authorities to foster empowerment of Public Service Education and with spiritual leaders to form a bridge from physical health to spiritual well-being through prayer and connection to the local church.

"Creating a world where everybody sees better, both physically and spiritually while meeting the physical and spiritual vision needs of those around the world through service and education."