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Resilience Education Training And Innovation Center Limited

Building resilient communities

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Born in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, RETI Center has been focused on building a sustainable future for New York's low-income waterfront communities. By working with diverse populations from early childhood education through vocational and professional training, we're helping to cultivate a new generation of skilled and environmentally-conscious individuals dedicated to a greener future.

Our mission is to weave together businesses, workforce and community development organizations and educational institutions to drive innovation and job creation in urban climate resilience and sustainability in New York City and beyond. In doing so, we are addressing the socioeconomic inequity challenges that low-income coastal communities can face through job training, placement, and improved local infrastructure.

Based on a donated piece of in Southwest Brooklyn, RETI Center is establishing a physical space and community support structure where these entities work together in the development of the technologies, products, and services that will help make New York City sustainable and climate resilient, while training the workforce needed to plan, build and operate these emerging industries.

We're based at the 153 Coffey Street Studio and are developing plans for BlueCity, an off-grid floating community at Gowanus Bay Terminal in Red Hook. It incorporates all our goals in a sustainable waterfront development that will be the first of its kind in the United States, and serve as a model for coastal and flood-prone areas across the country.

The RETI Center offers a substantial step forward in achieving a more resilient and equitable New York City in the face of rising sea levels, extreme weather events and climate change.