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Resolve Foundation (ResolvePress)

Your Generosity Helps Fund Our Campaigns for Youth Social Awareness and Civic Engagement. Thank You for Helping Build a World!

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Resolve Foundation is an  All-Volunteer Organization led  and driven by millennials with passion to make a difference in the lives of our younger generations and with strong desire to  transform our communities for a better future. Founded 2018, Resolve Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with headquarters in Illinois. Our mission is to take advantage of modern technology in promoting youth fitness, social awareness and civic engagement as a means of driving social change and finding lasting solutions to chronic social problems in order to build a better world. We create programs and invest in people and organizations that harness the powers of innovation, technology and collaboration to improve health and drive social change.

We seek to invest in media platforms that promote social awareness and support youth participation in civic life. Our media outreach work is centered around millennials and youths of high school and college-age groups; and are focused on helping them learn about their local communities, engage in the civic life and participate in crucial social debates and transformative actions to build a better world.

We are especially passionate about finding lasting solutions to chronic problems such as high college loan debts, economic disempowerment, declining health and broadening safety challenges affecting our younger generations. We will work in partnership with youths and other organizations to develop and execute programs and activities that protect youths against these and other social challenges.

We believe that bringing to bear the powers of modern technology and the high energy of our youths, through social engagement, will help us to reach a more impactful outcome and enable us cultivate  a healthy and pragmatic society characterized by fairness, honesty, integrity, tolerance and people empowerment.