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Rescue Lung Rescue Life Society

Saving Lives At Risk For Lung Cancer Through High-Quality CT Lung Screening Implementation Today and Pioneering Early Detection Innovations Tomorrow

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The Rescue Lung Rescue Life Society mission is to save lives at risk for lung cancer through high-quality CT lung screening today and pioneering early detection innovations tomorrow. For decades lung cancer has been the number one cancer killer in the United States, leading to the deaths of more men and women than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined. The good news is with CT lung screening we finally have a proven method to find lung cancer early when it is curable.  In fact, if all patients at high-risk for lung cancer underwent CT lung screening we could cut the death rate of lung cancer nearly in half – saving  tens of thousands of American lives every year.  Unfortunately, less than 5% of Americans at high-risk are currently enrolled in CT lung screening programs.  The Rescue Lung Rescue Life Society is a multidisciplinary organization founded to change that by eliminating any and all barriers to CT lung screening adoption through public/provider education, advocacy, research, and development of novel tools and techniques to support high quality program implementation and management.