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Our Goal is simple:




The Month of April is Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month along with Counseling month. 


There are many clients each year that need and recieve our help.  Without YOUR donations, this would not be possible! So, Please donate today to our Blue Ribbon Campaign!  Below is only one of the success stories!  



Not long after a teenage girl began seeing one of our therapists, her family mentioned some problems that her brother was having.  Our therapist recommended that the little boy talk to Mike Johnson, another therapist in the agency.  For a few months, Mike worked with the eleven-year-old boy on the problems he was having.  Then, the child began opening up about the abuse he had experienced.  Therapist Mike Johnson calls the abuse the child underwent some of the most horrific he’s ever heard about.


The problem, as is the case with many incidents of child abuse, is that it had happened about five years earlier, when the child was just six years old.  It would be difficult—if not impossible—for police to investigate or prosecute, especially when the child had not ever spoken of the abuse at the time that it happened.


Yet, the therapists at the Children’s Center for Hope & Healing are “mandated reporters,” meaning that they are required by law to report previously unreported incidents of child abuse.  In addition, the young boy really wanted justice. 


Adding to the difficulties of the crime, the child was no longer living where the crime had occurred, nor was the offender.  Undaunted, Mike began calling.  He called law enforcement offices and child welfare offices in the county the child lives in, the county the child used to live in, and the county the offender lives in.  Each encouraged him to call a different county; none were eager to take a report on a five year-old crime with no physical evidence and only the distant memory of a six-year-old witness.


But Mike kept calling.


Finally, someone on the other end in one of the counties took the report.  The young boy was asked to travel out-of-state to give a deposition. Thinking about preparing for the deposition, he called Mike from the cell phone one day and asked, “Mr. Mike, will you go with me and my family to the sheriff’s office [in the other state]?”  With a personal invitation from the victim himself, how could Mr. Mike refuse?


Across state lines Mike journeyed to join his client and family for the deposition. Shortly thereafter, Mike received a phone call from the deputy who had taken the initial report.  She had tracked the offender down and gotten him to confess and he’s now behind bars! 


Not long after Mike’s client gave deposition, the young boy’s grades began to improve in school as did his behavior. He’s playing on a sporting team. For the brave eleven-year-old who traveled across state lines to testify there was justice and healing in no small part because of the therapist who believed him and was willing to stick with it and keep making phone calls until someone was willing to take the report, hear the child, and take action against the offender.      


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