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Reef Life Foundation

Over half of the worlds coral reefs have died. Our program will create over 20,000 square feet of new coral reefs in the Bahamas to support recovery after Hurricane Dorian!

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Mission Statement
Reef Life Foundation IS Saving Corals: Revitalizing Reefs Globally With Science At Reef Life Foundation, we live by a collective philosophy: the earth is precious and we're all in this together. Here's what we know--the world's oceans are in flux, victim to many different adversaries from pollution to global warming, Here's what we do--through the use of our network of marine partners, we bring LIFE back to damaged or dying coral reefs. We are a private, non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing the oceans of our world and creating next-generation ocean science for "Smart Substrates for Super Corals"

About This Cause

Oceanic Infrastructure based upon advanced science which follows the UN Directive, the "Decade of Ocean Science" The Science We Need For The Ocean We Wanthttps://www.oceandecade.org/ 2020-2030 SDG14 Blue EconomyThe United Nations has proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) to support efforts to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and gather ocean stakeholders worldwide behind a common framework that will ensure ocean science can fully support countries in creating improved conditions for sustainable development of the Ocean. The marine realm is the largest component of the Earth’s system that stabilizes climate and support life on Earth and human well-being. However, the First World Ocean Assessment released in 2016 found that much of the ocean is now seriously degraded, with changes and losses in the structure, function, and benefits from marine systems. In addition, the impact of multiple stressors on the ocean is projected to increase as the human population grows towards the expected 9 billion by 2050. Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines & minerals to our diverse substrates, bringing site & species-specific fast growth characteristics. Infrastructure-scale reef complexes engineered for entire coastal regions & aquaculture, mariculture fish habitats. IntelliReefs, a division of Reef Life Restoration is driving change, transforming oceanic infrastructure and making a significant impact on the world. Reef Life's biocompatible coral cell surface textures and mineral formulations mimic the complex structure and composition of natural coral reefs. These innovations have been developed using our nano-materials research, bringing new reef solutions to this critical global problem. We provide engineered architectural substrates not offered in the field of coral reef restoration today, including toxic waste absorption fences, wave break walls, and pH balance within eco-sustainable coral, fish, and diverse marine plant habitats. Reef Forests and Farms are cast per piece to cover acres, or to create small coral communities, customized for a particular site or substance growth. Our environmental science is Extremely Adaptable, i.e., if a client wishes to grow algae species for medicines, certain nanoscale particles are embedded within the growth substrate or surface, Enhancing Revenue Capacities for that client. Sculptural Underwater Art Gallery Dive Reefs in design today for resorts and island owners. It takes $50 to send a diver out to plant a farmed coral on the IntelliReefs. We are set up to collect ‘adopt a coral’ donations at large and this is how we’d like to fund the future of this project to get to 1 million planted coral by 2025, bring global awareness to a new ocean solution which will improve reefs whose value assessed by UN is: 2.7 Trillion Dollars Per Year.

• Habitat: Home to over 1 million diverse aquatic species, including thousands of fish species.• Income: Coral reefs and related ecosystems have a global estimated ANNUAL Value of ‘$2.7 trillion per year, or 2.2% of all global ecosystem service values’, this includes tourism and food.

• Coastal protection: coral reefs reduce shoreline erosion by absorbing energy from the waves: they can protect coastal housing, agricultural land, and beaches. The global net benefit of coastal protection by reefs is an estimated $9 billion per year.

• Medicine: Reefs are home to species that contain pharmaceutical compounds that have the potential for treatments for some of the world’s most prevalent and dangerous illnesses and diseases.

• Benefits annually Great Barrier Reef 56 Billion. Our Foundation was established in 2017, although the scientific works conducted by the co-founders and scientists were started in 2008, at the request of global coral researchers. We cooperate with Global Coral Laboratories and Scientists, MIT, University of Hawaii, University of Wisconsin, and have recent acceptance for NSF project submittal on disease-resistant elements for our substrates to repel and reduce the new coral diseases sweeping Florida coast to the Caribbean and now to MESO Reefs in Mexico. (spread by bilge pumps on cruise lines)


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