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Real Second Chance Inc

Everyone Needs and Deserves a Second Chance

www.realsecondchance.org Tax ID 82-3848177


We need entrepreneurs more than ever. We need to help those who have previously had no chance, returning felons, homeless, drug addicts, rape victims and others. We need to help young students who have great ideas and acuses. And, now we need to try to help those entreprenurs who have been seriously impacted by the Covid-19 Virus. Our new fund will help save those entreprenurs who need just a little extra money and encourangement to keep going. The reward socially, morally and economically is enormous and we are "all in" to help. 

We need money and we need your input. Every Community must develop its own entrepreneurs. We can no longer rely on Government or large venture capitaloists to handle the majority of entrepreneurs. time to begin a new life for everyuone. Time to start over hte right way! And time to bring our CEO fund to every Community in America