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Ready 4 Duty, the Dallas R4D #N151ZE

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When this Douglas DC-3 was assigned to the Dallas Fort Worth Wing, the volunteer members assumed the aircraft would attend airshows as an USAAF C-47. However, data plates found on the aircraft designated the plane as an U. S. Navy R4D-6S - And not an ordinary R4D.

This aircraft was used against enemy submarines during the War.  In February 1945, one of twenty R4D-6S aircraft operating at the time surprised a surfaced German U-boat off the north coast of Brazil, and sank it! 

Maintenance records indicate BU No. 50783 was assigned to the area and airborne at the time. The aircraft's maintenance records imply #50783 served in the Caribbean, from Texas to Guantanamo, Cuba; in South America as far down as Rio; across the south-Atlantic to Dakar; in the eastern-Atlantic up to Baffin Bay and northern Newfoundland; and across the northern hemisphere to Greenland and Iceland. That's quite a spread!!

The unit has set a goal of $5,000 for this aircraft. Although it is airworthy it is in desperate need of some additional maintenance work and additional restoration work to help tell it's important story of the South American R4Ds.


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21% Raised of$5,000 Goal

The Team: $1,025 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Fredric Jeanes

Fredric Jeanes

DONATION: $1,000

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Donna Blalack

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