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Reading Works

Workforce Development begins with Foundational Skills

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Helping people grow. Helping businesses grow. Helping Detroit grow.

Who we are

Reading Works brings together the most effective adult education service providers in the metro Detroit region and helps them strengthen their approaches and deepen partnerships with occupational educators and employers to turn foundational skills training into real workforce opportunities.  We foster relationships within the workforce ecosystem between quality programming and public and non-public stakeholders, filling the gaps and fortifying impact that responds to the needs of the labor market.   

Reading Works collaborates with service providers that use evidence-based educational models to empower adult learners with foundational skills. Combined, these service providers support approximately 6,000 adult learners. Reading Works helps these providers hone best practices and serve as a referral system for one another. We also connect these providers with area employers, helping to align their educational efforts with real workforce needs.

Why it matters

Detroit is currently at the center of the storm in the COVID-19 pandemic.  The volume of cases will proportionately exceed the NYC experience.  Over 80% of the cases statewide are in Wayne-Oakland-Macomb.  30% are in Detroit alone; a city that makes up nearly 7% of the state population.  The biggest reason is almost 30% poverty level resulting in lots of Detroiters with serious health issues which puts them at greater risk.

Over the next few months as the crisis ends, strengthening the basic foundational skills of Detroiters is going to be more essential than ever before.  Skills like reading, writing, math, and digital literacy will be central to employment and financial stability.  

Your gift today will help us achieve our mission to reach 200,000 adults who lack foundational skills. Of those, 110,000 with a high school diploma lack the skills needed to obtain or keep a job, and 90,000 do not have high school diplomas.

Who are the 200,000 Detroiters in need of foundational skills education?

56% are not in the workforce.
32% are employed, primarily in low-wage jobs.
12% are unemployed.

Across the metro Detroit region, we want to help adults get the skills that employers need quickly.  For the past two years, Reading Works has been helping our network of nonprofit adult education and occupational training partners do just that.   No other organization in Detroit focuses on systemically increasing the number of adults gaining crucially needed skills to get sustainable employment and economic success for their families and the community.  Reading Works does.

How you can help.

Even a small amount of $5 can help improve the lives of thousands of low income, under or unemployed adults in our region.  Will you donate today?

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