Razias Ray Of Hope Foundation

Razias Ray Of Hope Foundation
Razias Ray Of Hope Foundation
GoFundMe Charity : Feb 13, 2017
Tax ID: 26-2008030
BASED: Wellesley, MA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.raziasrayofhope.org

Our Mission

Life-Changing Opportunities Through Education

Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation provides girls and young women in Afhganistan with free, award-winning K-12 schooling and post- secondary programs. Our model of transformative, community-based education incubates strong leaders, builds career pathways, and creates peaceful cultural change within an educational cycle that impacts present and future generations.

Tax ID: 26-2008030 • www.raziasrayofhope.org

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Empower Girls & Young Women Through Education

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Razia’s Champions Are Passionate About Our Cause

Watch why and how some have championed education for girls.

“There's a ton of people that have all they need, then there’s that small amount that don’t. Why don't we just help them? ”

- Rebeca, 5th Grade
Seattle, WA

Every Dollar Counts for Razia

Razia’s Champions make a profound impact.


Provides fitness equipment such as jump ropes and hoola hoops for our entire student body to keep active and exercise.


Provides all new students with uniforms for the current school year, which includes tunics, pants, and green head scarves. 


Funds the annual salary for our school's librarian, empowering our students to become enthusiastic readers. 


Provides internet service to our school for an entire year, supporting all aspects of our curriculum.

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Please contact Sarah Parker, Development Manager, sarah.parker@raziasrayofhope.org.

Our Story

Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation: Creating Life-Changing Opportunities Through Education

Razia Jan, a native Afghan and award winning humanitarian, is the founder and president of Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that improves the lives of young women and girls through community-based education in the rural district of Deh’Subz, Afghanistan. In March 2008, Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation opened its flagship program, the Zabuli Education Center, an all-girl K-12 school, with 100 students. Today the school is thriving, providing free, exceptional education to 640 girls in a region with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. In March 2017, Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation opened the Razia Jan Institute, the first women’s post-secondary vocational school in this region of Afghanistan. The Razia Jan Institute provides its students with a clear path to empowered employment as midwives while bringing medical services to a desperately underserved region.


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