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Raw Group Inc

Reaching America's Warriors Group Inc, Homeless, Homelessness, Veteran

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RAW Group Inc. (Reaching Americas Warriors) is a company that I established in 2016 to assist homeless and/or at risk of becoming homeless Military Veterans and non veteran individuals and families. Being a veteran of the US armed forces and an employee of the Atlanta VA Health Care System, I have a passion for helping Military Veterans and their families as well as anyone else that may be at risk of becoming homeless. I have been in situations as well as been exposed to others that are in situations to where one medical bill, one unplanned expense or one financial error can mean the difference between paying on time or being late with your mortgage or rent payment. This can very possibly start the downward spiral that can lead to becoming homeless. 

We will assist qualifying applicants with direct payments to billing companies for qualifying bills i.e... Rent, Mortgage, Medical Bills, Car note, Child Care expenses, Utilities etc.

We will also require and fund Financial Management classes to give the applicant the tools ensuring to not create a Chronic Homeless scenerio.

Helping to prevent and/or resolve the issue of homelessness helps the community in more ways than one may think. 

1) It leads to lower crime rates do to homeless individuals not seeking illegal ways to obtain money and other essential needs. 

2) It increased spending in the community because the potential homeless person is able to be a productive member of their society by contributing and spend more in the communities that they reside in. 


3) It leads to an overall healthier environment for all in the community by allowing individuals that were potentially homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, to continue being productive members of society with access to health care and other community programs.

Please join me in making our communities stronger and more productive by tackling this issue of homelessness.