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EVENT DATE: Jul 03, 2017

Meek Movement invites you to our newest event: Rally Row! Starting July 3rd, any rowing a participant completes, before or after class, will count towards the gym score. Rally Row will provide a scoreboard for each gym to keep track of the meters each member has rowed. Each week the meters will be tallied and the box with the most win the weekly sponsor/s donation to their chosen charity. After 3 weeks, the totals will be combined and the gym with the most meters wins the total entry fee pot to go to their chosen charity. Additionally, the winning gym wins a Concept 2 ski erg! Each participating gym will have a charity of their choosing. This can be any charity; large or small, local or international. Participants will sign up for the event through CrowdRise. The entry fee is $20 per person or $35 with a Rally Row shirt. Participants will automatically be rowing for their own gym's totals. It’s that simple! All we ask is that each gym provide 2 rowers for their participants to use before or after class when possible. It's the gym's responsibility to tally their own meters and report them at the end of each week. We will provided promotional materials (social media and other) for the gyms to use as encouragement for participation. Registration opens June 19th and stays open until the last day of the event, July 23rd. If a participant wishes to have a Rally Row shirt they must sign up by June 25th. We ask that participating gyms have their charity chosen by June 16th. Rally Row will personally deliver the scoreboard and any ordered t-shirts.
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