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Raising Voices Tides Center's Fundraiser:

Preventing violence against women and children in East and Southern Africa

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The strength to act lives in everyone. At Raising Voices and our partner, Tides Center, we believe in inspiring community members themselves to lead positive and powerful activism to prevent violence against women and children. For more photos and information beyond this bio, see: www.raisingvoices.org

We create and support the implementation of methodologies that engage students to hairstylists, parents to clergy in leading change in their communities.

We strengthen the skills and understanding of groups expanding their role in the prevention of violence against women and children.

We produce creative media and communication tools—allowing ideas of nonviolence to permeate the public imagination, while equipping others to amplify the ideas.

We innovate and inspire, conducting research and leading advocacy efforts that prevent violence.

Raising Voices' latest methodologies are SASA!: An Activist Kit for Preventing Violence against Women and HIV and the Good Schools Toolkit. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Makerere University have recently shown both methodologies produce some exciting results.

Preventing violence against women: SASA!

SASA! is a community mobilization approach being used in 25 countries. In a study on SASA!'s effectiveness in Uganda, there were some amazing results:

-The level of physical partner violence against women was 52% lower in SASA! communities than in control communities.

“I have changed a lot. I no longer beat her as I used to. I no longer use abusive language on her.

—male community member


-In SASA! communities 76% of women and men believe physical violence against a partner is not acceptable while only 26% of women and men in control communities believe the same.[1]


“In the past, we would just ignore if a man beat his wife, but now I think it is not okay to ignore.”

—female community member


-In SASA! communities 28% more women and men believe it is acceptable for a woman to refuse sex than women and men in control communities.


“I learned that some of the things I used to do were not right at all . . . for instance I thought that whenever I needed sex I had to have it without her denying me.”

—male community member


-Women exposed to SASA! were 3 times more likely to receive helpful support when reporting violence than women not exposed to SASA!


“In the past, we would just ignore if a man beat his wife, but now I think it is not okay to ignore.”

—female community member


Preventing violence against children: Good Schools Toolkit

A Raising Voices study in Uganda found that more than 90% of children report ever experiencing violence at school and more than half the children had experienced physical violence at school last week.

To address this urgent issue, we developed The Good School Toolkit, a methodology for creating violence-free schools. The Good School Toolkit was developed with the help of schools in Uganda and is now being used in 600 Ugandan schools. It involves a systems level approach addressing operational culture of schools, using 3 entry points: relationships, governance, & participation. It outlines a 6-step practical process implemented by teachers and students, with support of parents and monitoring of local officials.


“This toolkit teaches me that positive discipline comes from inside. I have clear goals, I work hard and I think of new ways of solving the old problems and to believe in myself.”

– Primary School Student



In a study of the Good Schools Toolkit’s effectiveness in intervention schools, the Toolkit reduced the risk of physical violence by teachers and school staff against children by 42% (in the space of 18 months).

In intervention schools, 50% fewer teachers (compared to control) report using physical violence against students.

The Toolkit promoted students’ identification with their school, as well as their sense of safety and belonging at school.


Need: Community Action Fund

To keep continue inspiring, innovating and sparking activism, we need $5,000 toward our Community Action Fund. This special fund was created at Raising Voices to help women and children who come into our offices to seek direct support. While we focus primarily on violence prevention, there are individuals in dire circumstances who have nowhere else to turn. The average amount a needed to help a woman or child is about $20, but the volume of requests is relatively high. Through this fund we have helped women and children who have experienced violence to:

report rape and sexual assault and receive the required medical exam for filing a case

find other family members where they can live safely

access medical services as well as transport back to their village and family of origin

find safe shelter by providing small funds for food and transport

maintain their dignity by replacing old, torn and dirty clothes and bare feet with ‘gently’ worn items and simple toiletries


Your donation will go a very long way in helping women and children!




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