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EVENT DATE: Aug 01, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jul 31, 2014

Raven Rock Ranch rescues and rehabilitates neglected or abused horses and pairs them with at-risk youth transforming the youth and horse in a bond of trust that leads to recovery both mentally and physically. We are in need of a new roof so that we can continue our therapy rain or shine and increase our ability to serve the youth by tripling our roster. Currently, there is a two year waiting list for children to come join us. Expanding the roof will allow us to enroll more students and give more staff room to work. The only thing separating us from serving three times the kids and rescuing more horses is money. That is where you come in!


By creating a team, you can pool resources and work together to support this cause. This works great for companies, churches, organizations or friends and families who want to collaborate. Imagine if just six people built teams and took personal responsibility to raise $10,000. We could reach our goal in the first week! Or 12 teams raised just $5,000 each. There are no limits to the amount of people that can be on a team. So, invite your coworkers, neighbors, family, mailmen and hair stylists! 


Every dollar counts and your contributions are changing the lives of so many kids who have been abused or experienced trauma in their young lives.


Every dollar raised will go directly towards the building of a new roof for an outdoor covered area so we can run our program regardless of weather conditions. Currently, there is a two year waiting list for kids who want help and would like to come to Raven Rock Ranch. This new area would allow us to expand our space and increase our roster by at least 200%-300%.


When kids are turned away due to lack of space, we have discovered that they have turned to cutting, drug abuse, self-destructive behaviors, or even been trafficked sexually. We want to see this end and see the kids healed.


We've found that using equine facilitated psychotherapy to help heal the youth. By using horses who've been abused, kids can make a psychological bond with the horses and recover together. As students remain in our program, we've seen 100% success in their recovery and inner healing.


Help us turn troubled youth into triumphant successes! Make a donation or create a team today! All of your donations are tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)3 donation.

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