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RAIN partners with rural and nomadic communities to enable relevant and enduring livelihoods through education and opportunity.

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RAIN’s programming is focused in three areas of intervention that address these challenges:

  • Our Education Programs create a pipeline enabling rural and nomadic children to attend and succeed in primary school and beyond. Our mentoring program pairs elementary school students with local mentors who advocate for their continued education. RAIN works with 114 women supporting over 500 children at risk of dropping out of school. In addition, our Agadez Learning Center provides a residence with tutoring, mentoring, and meals for 34 students who lack the resources or ability to pursue secondary education in a larger city.
  • Our Sustainable Agriculture Program provides clean water, 3-season drip irrigated community gardens, and training in sustainable agricultural techniques, business practices and nutrition. This combination not only makes clean water available but ensures it is used efficiently to maximize food production and minimize waste. To date, we have served over 11,000 Nigeriens in over 20 communities. In the past year, this program has produced over 3,148 kg of crops for consumption and sale, resulting in healthier, more productive livelihoods for our partner communities.
  • Our Skills Building Programs empower women to establish Savings & Loans groups and implement herding initiatives that teach basic economic principles, develop entrepreneurial skills, and support women in creating their own opportunities to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

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