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End police terror against Black people by making police behavior visible and accountable

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A letter from Brandon D. Anderson, Founder at RAHEEM

Hey friends,

Alongside a few friends, I run RAHEEM — the first independent online service for reporting police in the United States. I founded RAHEEM after losing my life partner to police violence during a routine traffic stop. His love was radical, unapologetic, and it changed my life.

We're raising money to build a mobile app for tracking police and to expand our support to people abused by police in other cities across the country. 

I'm writing to ask you to Join RAHEEM. Let’s put eyes and ears on every cop in the country.

The officer that killed my partner had a reputation for being violent, just like the officer that killed George Floyd. But, no one reported him because our local police department, like most around the country, makes it incredibly difficult to do so. 

As a result, only 5 percent of people report police violence. 

Lack of reporting adds to the sense of immunity that makes violent, racist cops even more dangerous. And the policies that govern police are not grounded in the lived experiences of the people most impacted. 

RAHEEM is working to fix that. But we need support.

That’s where you come in. I’m asking you to pitch-in a few bucks to help us build this technology and expand to more cities throughout the country. We can’t do this without your support.

We all deserve to live in a world free of police violence — a world where a Black boy can marry his best friend or just drive home from work. Because we’re not only fighting for our right to live. We are fighting for our right to love.

Please, donate to our campaign today to make this a reality for everyone. Thank you.

With love,