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Radio Eye Inc.

Radio Eye is an audio information service for people who are visually impaired, physically disabled, or have any disability that prevents them from reading for themselves.

www.RadioEye.org Tax ID 61-1148801


Almost ten thousand people who have visual, physical, or learning challenges across Kentucky depend on Radio Eye to be their eyes. For most, our information service is the only way they can access community newspapers, local grocery ads, health information, and so much more.

“Radio Eye keeps me in touch when I cannot get out. With visual aids I read the headlines, but due to dry eye syndrome, I have to be selective, so I let you read the stories to me. It has been a very comfortable relationship. Thank you!” -Pat H.

Radio Eye broadcasts the reading of current news, public service information, and general interest programming to people who are visually impaired and print-disabled, with the vision of producing quality programming designed to help our listening audience lead enriched, productive, and independent lives.

Approximately 200 volunteers per year record or read live from printed publications, providing listeners with equal access to dozens of newspapers, magazines, and special programming to offset the impact of sight loss or physical disability that prevents them from reading printed matter. Programs are broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to alleviate isolation and improve the quality of life for print-impaired listeners.

We perform an annual listener survey each year and here's what our listeners report - 

  • 95% of our listeners feel less isolated
  • 87% feel we helped improve their overall health and well-being
  • 24% talked to their doctor in the past year about something they heard on our health programming
  • 82% feel generally happier with Radio Eye in their life
  • 15% attended an event they heard about on our service
  • 63% feel more informed about political candidates up for election