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Melissa Chapman's Fundraiser: for The Race to Rescue NYC

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EVENT: The Race to Rescue NYC

EVENT DATE: Sep 15, 2012

Melissa Chapman


My life was going along, got my two kids, my shihtzu- my several freelance jobs, having great sex with my sugar daddy- busy but content. Did I really need to throw a wrench into it and change things up. According to my sugar daddy- hell to the no. But then again my husband didn’t get married till he was 40– he’s not one for rash impulsive decisions and well he ABHORS change or as he terms it rocking the boat.

Of course in many ways I’m just like him- I’m a creature of habit- I have not changed my lipstick since 1996 (Thank you Mac) and my hair is the same style it’s been since 1992. And yet I recently shot a video for Lifetime Moms where they asked me to answer this question: What is something you hope to achieve in your life. I jokingly said, learning to understand my mother (ahh tis true all jokes are in jest) but when I really thought about it- I have always said I wanted to turn my home into a sanctuary for animals who need homes. But you see I was all talk and no action.

And then on the eve of my late daddy’s first year yahrzeit, I saw a facebook post — this pic of a dog named Peluche who the tireless and kind folks at Louie’s Legacy animal rescue pulled from a shelter. Imagine a shihtzu surrendered at a shelter?

I have always wanted to get another dog, to be a companion for my 13 year old lady and I felt like this was my dad– coming to me (did I mention he adored my dog– and he was not really an animal person)? It was the universe’s way of telling me– you say you have these lofty goals and you want to help these animals– but what have you physically done other than donate money?? Maybe it was my father calling to me- I knew this barely discernible shih tzu needed me, I needed him- we needed each other in a way that felt almost primal.

Did my husband want to change things up– NO of course not– was he on board with taking in a dog whose history was unknown- and who was anything but a clean slate? No. But then again- I’ve had to nudge my husband to do MOST of the things we’ve done in our marriage and well this is just another shrimp on the barbie.

I can tell you that these animals that people just drop off at shelters… you walk away and don’t truly realize just how livid the conditions are and emotional toll such a decision impacts on an animal. Imagine being thrown into a cage, with no human contact and none of the familiar creature comforts you are used to-in the case of my sweet boy Lazer, he was neutered while at the shelter ad then put back in a cage- without being properly cleaned– in other words they performed major surgery without grooming him first. So this sweet boy developed an infection, licked and reopened the infection all while in a shelter.

I don’t fault the shelters they are overrun, understaffed- I fault the owners who surrendered him to a shelter knowing that he would probably be put down– and entrusting him into unknown territory. These shelters are also like massive incubators for illness and so on top of this large infection he has by his groin he has also developed a cough, congestion and a nose that does not stop producing mucus which is making it hard for him to eat and swallow. This boy is in so much pain- and what is so sad about his story- is he is just one of thousands of animals that experience this on a daily basis.

So yeah my life was interrupted- I spent the better part of last night applying a hot compress to his large infection to let it drain- and I have tried not to leave his side. And I just have such incredible respect for the women who do this on a daily basis the women behind the animal rescue Louie’s Legacy who inconvenience themselves non stop caring for neglected and abused animals, rescuing them- nursing them back to health night after long night- making deals with every and anyone who can help and offer their services.

I am just one of thousands of people who have been touched by Louie’s Legacy– and so while my life has been disturbed- and I haven’t slept in the past two nights– it has been an awakening for me- in so many ways.

To stop being complacent about things- to stop giving lip service to lofty goals and ideas and to just do it, To do them. Because time waits for no one- and gosh there are so many creatures, ideas and things that need help….

And just one last thing before I get off my soap box…please don’t surrender your pets to a shelter find a reputable rescue who can foster them until an adoption can be made, no dog should have to be in pain like my lazer (Lazer is short for my dad’s name ELIEZER z”l)


Help the homeless animals of Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, and their adoption partners, including Animal Care and Control (ACC), and other local partners, by joining us in our






Dog Walk, Adoption Festival & Community Outreach Event

September 15, 2012

Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island, New York



(1) You first need to register yourself and your dog by clicking the "REGISTER" button above.


(2) If you choose to fundraise (prizes awarded ONLY for people fundraising!) please select your team or create a new team (under REGISTER) and ask everyone you know to support you.


(3) If you choose to start A DOG PACK for the walk, INVITE people to join your team!


(4) If you cannot attend the event, or are more of a cat person, click DONATE, so you can still be part of the event!  Or you can sponsor a foster dog, or register just yourself, and fundraise that way (go to REGISTER). 



To see the Tentative Schedule of Events, CLICK HERE


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To visit the official Louies Legacy website, Click Here


Thank you for all of your support!


Any questions, or if you wish to become a sponsor, or have a table at our event, please email


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