Push-up Challenge Trifecta



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Push-up Challenge Trifecta Photo
Push-up Challenge Trifecta Photo
Push-up Challenge Trifecta Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 28, 2017

CrossFit Pagosa and the Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program are teaming up this year for the 2017

                                      Push Up Challenge - Trifecta


A fun, friendly competition to push-up victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Archuleta County.


                                             Are YOU up for the challenge?


20 min Push-Ups

5 min Sit-Ups

5 min Lunges


Knee push-ups and full push-ups are permitted. **(Accommodations for lunges can also be made)

We have had a woman in her 70's challenge herself and she rocked it! From the young to the young at heart - anyone can do this!

NEW THIS YEAR** for our extreme participants - Lightening Bonus Challenge 10 Min Wall-Balls This is an extra $10 dollar registration - individual competition only ~ Separate prize for the Bonus Challenge


Women – Individual, 3-member team, or 6-member team

Men – Individual, 3-member team, or 6-member team

Coed 6-member team (3 women, 3 men)


COST Each participant seeks pledges based on their push-up goal. Getting pledges is easy – ask friends and family to support you. They love to see you strong and healthy! You are challenged to raise $250. You can do this! Minimum pledge to participate is $25. PRIZES All participants get an official event t-shirt. Special prizes for division winners and pledge leaders.


THE RULES Sit-ups: Full sit ups required to count (crunches do not count) Lunges: Full lunge, knee to floor **(accommodations can be made for half points) Push-ups: Full and knee push-ups are both permitted, 1 point for every knee push –up, 2 points for every full push-up. Only one team member at a time is allowed to be doing push-ups. Once one is done, another can start. Do as many as you and your team can in 20 minutes.