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Life, played at full potential

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By 2026, we will provide 100,000 youth with mentoring to help them discover pathways to success of their choosing.

Because kids shouldn’t have to struggle to make sense of a confusing world.

There is a lack of social, emotional, and mental health support being provided to kids. This lack of support is creating confusion as kids look to find an answer to the question, we have all asked in our time:

Have I got what it takes? Without satisfactory answers youth feel overwhelmed, depressed, and anxious.

Kids are our future, and they shouldn’t have to struggle in this way.

PureGame creates programming for children that integrates sports-based youth development with social and emotional learning, mental health conversations, and life-skills coaching.

We exist to create and deliver SEL programs that improve self-awareness, social-awareness, self- management skills, relationship skills, and responsible decision making to help combat negative feelings and put kids on a pathway to success.

What if more kids had access to positive role models to help them find satisfactory answers to life’s confusing questions?

The PureGame kids learn, laugh and come together through sport. They leave the field each day knowing they have what it takes to be successful.