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Pure Empowerment: Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

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“The stronger each member of the community becomes as an individual, the stronger we will be as a community, and the easier it will be for all of us to individually and collectively achieve our full potential and thrive; the result? Happy Families, Happy Communities… that is Empowering!”


Pure Barre Greenwich is proud and fortunate to service the lower Fairfield County community; an exceptionally diverse – and despite of its size and its continuous growth – a tight knit community where residents and businesses alike share a long and distinguished history of giving back to those in need and to the community in general.

To have been welcomed by this community with such warmth and enthusiasm has been inspiring, to realize that we share a vision and to know that the services offered by our business effectively contribute towards the development of a strong and thriving community has been a blessing and a privilege.  We make it a priority to show our appreciation to the community by regularly participating in, sponsoring and organizing community-driven events.   We are thrilled to undertake this initiative. Special Thanks to Pure Barre Corporate for giving us an excuse to launch this campaign, to our partners and sponsors, and above all, to Family Centers for working with us to make this happen.

About our Campaign  

Thanks to Pure Barre Corporate’s National Pure Give Challenge initiative, Pure Barre Greenwich has yet another opportunity to get involved with its community.  We are launching “Pure Empowerment: Healthy Families, Healthy Communities” a month-long fundraising campaign benefiting Greenwich-based Family Centers Inc.  Family Centers is a widely recognized and highly respected private, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the lower Fairfield county community to realize its potential through the offering of education, health and human services programs to children, adults and families. 

Why Family Centers?

We chose Family Centers for three very important reasons:

First, because of what Family Centers represent to our community: A place where people can find support and guidance to achieve the best version of them, which is exactly the mission of Pure Barre Greenwich.

Second, because Pure Barre Greenwich is a women-owned and women-managed business; nearly all our clients are women. These are women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.  Some of them work full time, others part time, some own their own business, others stay at home and take care of their children and the house, some take care of other relatives, some are single Moms, others are widows or divorcees. As women entrepreneurs and as owners and managers of a business catering to such a diverse group of women, we are acutely aware of our society and our community’s tremendous need for more initiatives and programs geared towards supporting working moms, single moms, stay at home Moms, women caretakers, etc.  We are lucky to have Family Centers to serve that purpose in our community. Their mission and hard work make it possible for many families in our area to strive for and achieve a better life... a better version of them; to be happy! We feel indebted to them and compelled to support its mission.

Last but not least, and albeit a key element in the achievement of personal success, we believe that fitness is but one aspect of the overall equation that leads to a healthy life. By supporting organizations that share our values and promote a well-rounded, healthy family and community life, we are adding value to the contribution we make to our community.

What will your contribution be used for?

All Money raised through this campaign will help fund a series of ongoing and pre-planned programs and services aimed at promoting and making possible the achievement of  "the best version of us through fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness."   Pure Barre Greenwich, its partners and sponsors’ commitment to Family Centers will continue beyond the Pure Give Challenge by helping the organization in the implementation of the various programs. 




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