Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
GoFundMe Charity : Dec 19, 2011
Tax ID: 91-1285783
BASED: Seattle, WA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: https://pugetsoundkeeper.org/

Puget Soundkeeper

To protect and enhance the waters of Puget Sound for the health and restoration of our aquatic ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.

To accomplish its mission, Soundkeeper actively monitors Puget Sound through kayak patrols and uses the Soundkeeper patrol boat on a weekly basis enlisting a network of trained volunteers to detect and report pollution. As a major environmental stakeholder, Soundkeeper actively engages government agencies and businesses working to regulate pollution discharges from sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities, construction sites, municipalities and others.

Tax ID: 91-1285783 • https://pugetsoundkeeper.org/


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