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Promly Support Inc.

Help Promly Prevent Teen Suicide by giving teens mental health support & resources when and where they need it most!.

http://www.promly.org/ Tax ID 85-1440762


With your help, Promly Support, Inc. will provide:

* 24/7 free built- in access to crisis and non-crisis support resources through the Promly App  

  (expected to be released early 2021). 

*Teens with virtual volunteer and internship opportunities throughout the year. 

*The Promly Garden- a publication where we amplify the GenZ Voice, provide support 

   resources, scholarship contests for article contributors, and validate a generation of people

   we believe will change the world. 

*Parent & Community mental health education.

*Suicide Prevention Advocacy recognized by  the US Congress. 

*We have fought hard to remove suicide how to videos such as “How to Tie a Noose” from 

  YouTube.  We have joined with members of the US Congress to confront Google and YouTube

   lobbyists as well as changemakers on the social media platform.  Promly will be participating

   in a “run of show” for the US Congress the first week in December.

Suicide rates among teens have gone up by more than  60% over the last decade.  According to the CDC, everyday in the U.S. alone, 5,400 kids grades 7th-12th attempt suicide.  70% of teen suicides are considered impulsive and 25-40% of those are planned only 5 -10 minutes before the act. The theory is that this is largely due to the changing dopamine levels in the teenage brain from constant stimulation. Consequently, teens are seeking immediate relief from their pain. Therefore, any support, wellness or learning resources have to be immediate, seamless and strategic if they are going to reach this generation.

Gen-Z (currently ages 8-23) has a lot of anxiety and is considered the most depressed generation yet, but they are more psychologically minded and empathetic than any other generation. As a whole, GenZ sees people more authentically, strives for genuine connection, and is more compelled to come together to change the world.

Yet, unfortunately, 70% of teens that WANT mental health help, can't get it due to cost and accessibilty issues.

Promly is a new safer social networking app for teens that is fun and engaging, but also provides  free mental health support and resources. Our goal is to decrease the rising suicide rate among teens, decrease soaring depression & anxiety, and help adolescents create more genuine connectedness with themselves and others.

Together, we will change outcomes and save lives.  

Please reach out if you'd like to get involved - heypromly@promly.org

With tremendous gratitude, 

The Promly Team