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Project Salina, Inc

The City that cares about its hungry

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Project Salina Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jack Parr and Jane Kramer.  The need to help support the agencies was significantly noted during  the summer months, where the shelves would be bare and empty. This was  primarily due to the fact that the significant portion of the support  and contributions that the agencies received was during the holiday  season, and unfortunately was just not enough to sustain the agencies  through a whole calendar year.

Although Project Salina Inc. currently supports five local agencies, that was not always the case. In the beginning the original  beneficiaries were The Emergency Aid Food Bank, The Salvation Army, and  The Salina Rescue Mission. As the community grew, the need did as well.  Later, The Ashby House and Domestic Violence Association of Central  Kansas (DVACK) were onboarded as beneficiaries as well.

Project Salina Inc. is a 501 C non-profit organization. Our mission and  sole purpose is to feed those in need in the greater Salina Kansas  communities.

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