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Project Motherpath, Inc.

https://www.projectmotherpath.org/ Tax ID 45-3192870


Project Motherpath, Inc. is a non profit organization working to normalize and revalue all aspects of parenthood through outreach, education, community building and activism. We began as a pair of mamas who wanted to organize a local revolution, and create change - one birth, one mama at a time and shift the local paradigm of how communities support families.

We think that the hard, worthwhile, messy, ordinary work that mothers and fathers are doing every day, in every city, town, and village around the world is extraordinary, noteworthy and wildly overlooked and undervalued. We know that pregancy and early parenting have a significant impact on how kids grow and develop, and how families view themselves.

Our mission is to empower parents and families to create their own network of resources and to make informed decisions. Our programs provide quality care, education and support focused on fostering independence and respectfully guiding women and their families through the often challenging journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We provide support. We make community.

We know that we can only do the hard work of parenting with the love and support of the communities we build ourselves. We are interested in the stories, experiences and challenges of people navigating the PATH of motherhood and fatherhood and value the individuality and diversity of parents recognizing that each parent's experience is their's alone.