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Princeton Academy of Art

Supporting and Guiding the Futures of Contemporary Artists


Our mission is to bring exceptional quality instruction to artists working in the classical disciplines of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Our curriculum connects students to a living artistic tradition rooted in Russian, Italian and French classical Academies. Our students are linked to an unbroken chain of training that began hundreds of years ago and has been passed on from teacher to student for generations. Continuing in this passage of knowledge, our institution brings rigorous training and research of the old master’s techniques together with the contemporary vision of personal expression.

We are not reinventing the tradition, simply continuing one that our instructors inherited by studying at the Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg. Just as the Russian Academies preserved the French and Italian Schools, we extend that preservation a generation further.

We provide a dynamic, collaborative, learning environment and seek to prepare emerging representational artists to become leaders in today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing art market.

Our vision is to become an educational gateway that brings unlimited resources to professional and aspiring artists specializing in the tradition of contemporary realism. Today’s fast-paced living contradicts the time needed for thorough research and deep personal discovery. 

Our institution challenges time and aims to bring philosophical, aesthetic, and technical research back into the contemporary artists practice. Through connections with local and international institutions of higher education, philosophers, poets, art historians and scientists, we are continuing the humanist dialog that was born during the age of the Renaissance and faded during the 20th century due to fragmentation between disciplines of higher education.