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Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

Shifting the conversation so that prevention is the priority.

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PCA Arizona is uniquely the only statewide organization in Arizona devoted solely to the prevention of child maltreatment. Since 1989, we provide innovative advocacy, training, and evidence-based prevention programming designed to promote child well-being, strengthen families, and prevent child maltreatment. We concentrate strategically on new parents, early in the family life cycle when children are most vulnerable and costs are lowest. In our statewide reach, we partner with early childhood, child welfare, behavioral health, family support, law enforcement agencies, courts, and universities to address common goals for Arizona’s children and families.

Programs include:

PCA Arizona developed the Best for Babies initiative in partnership with all 15 Juvenile Courts in Arizona, which meet monthly to discuss systems issues such as barriers to timely services and availability of local resources for young children, foster parents, birth parents, and providers.

Never Shake a Baby Arizona educates caregivers about the dangers of shaking an infant and provides information on typical infant crying patterns and techniques for calming a crying baby.

The Yavapai Family Advocacy Center is a direct service program in Prescott Valley whose mission is to reduce trauma to victims of abuse by providing a safe and supportive environment and facilitating a team approach to advocacy, investigation, and prosecution.

The Annual Statewide Child Abuse PREVENTION Conference invites child welfare professionals from all areas of the state to hear national experts highlight best practices and research-based approaches that prevent abuse and promote strong families.

Strengthening FamiliesTM Protective Factors framework is an evidence-informed approach to assisting families by focusing on and developing their strengths as a solution to their challenges.

By providing these trainings, PCA is feeding the tree of service providers to make an extensive impact in prevention of child abuse.