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Park City Preservation Alliance

Dedicated to the preservation of the places, stories, history, and culture of the people of, in, and near Historic Park City, Tennessee.

www.preserveparkcity.org Tax ID 82-4871220


We advocate on behalf of all generations past, present and future for the survival of Park City National Register of Historic Places District, recognized nationally for its significance in patterns of urban development history and for its artistic and cultural legacy evident in surviving materials and workmanship. 

We believe the Park City National Register District fully deserves local land use protection sheltering the historic resources it contains from loss of historic integrity due to inappropriate changes. 

We believe demolition of historic housing and buildings must always be a last resort. 

We honor artistic and cultural achievement by preserving the artistic and cultural achievements of the past for the future. 

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the artistic and cultural achievements of foregoing generations of artisans and tradespeople. 

We promote housing opportunity and affordability by saving historic workforce housing in and around the historic town of Park City. 

We encourage balance between rental opportunities and homeownership, recognizing the value of both paths to creating economic opportunities for individuals and communities. 

We seek to secure resident control of historic residential neighborhoods. 

We advocate for and empower resident input in development of residential areas. 

We recognize and promote the linkages between historic preservation and housing affordability, including rent-controlled housing projects made possible by federal historic preservation tax credits.

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