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Who am I?

I am Kionte Bryant-Cobbs. I am a mother. Being from a large family, I have been around children all of my life and have been a professional child care provider for years. However, taking care of other children is not the ultimate preparation for having a child of your own. When my husband and I conceived my daughter, I was totally lost on what to do. Having a deceased mother and grand mother left me limited resources to pull from to learn the skills needed to be a great parent. I feel that this is a void that is present in low income communities with large populations of single parent homes. In these areas, there are also high concentrations of teen pregnancy. If the parents are working and these teens are reproducing, who will prepare them for the task ahead?

Studies show that:

Children of teen parents are 50% more likely to repeat a grade and are less likely to graduate from high school than children of older parents

Children born to unmarried, high school drop-out teen mothers are 10 times more likely to live in poverty than those born to married women over the age of 20

At age 24, 30% of children of teen parents are not in school or working, or actively looking for a job

Only one-third of adolescent mothers will graduate high school, and only slightly over 1 percent of those will earn a college degree before they turn

Twenty-five percent of teen moms have a second child within 24 months.

Two-thirds of families begun by a young unmarried mother are poor. More than half of all mothers on welfare had their first child as a teenager

Eight out of ten fathers in cases of teen pregnancy don't marry the mother of their child, and these absent fathers pay less than $800 annually for child support. Children who live apart from their fathers are also five times more likely to be poverty-stricken than children with both parents at home.

The statistics are alarming. Much more than that, with the proper education to be better parents and support in that pursuit, more teen parents in these neighborhoods will be able to learn the skills needed to be better parents. This will allow teen parents to combat the alarming statistics that state that having a child young dooms you and your children to live in poverty. I believe that if you MUST be a parent, you should know HOW to be a parent for the benefit of your child. Teen parent by teen parent we will create better lives for children. These properly parented children will be less likely to fall into issues that usually affect the children of teen parents and thus be more successful. Change the parents, you change the child, change the children, you change the community. And the bettering of the communities that have biggest issues with poverty and teen pregnancy.

What We Need & What You Get

I plan to extend my programs to schools in impoverished areas, where I will run and teach a 6 week class, 2 hours per class, one day per week. Each class will be 20-25 teens (both expectant mothers and fathers) It is my hope to expand to my own office space so that teens from the neighborhoods can also opt to have classes on the weekends, but I realize that this will be a process and I am willing to start small.

For the success of this program, I will need startup funding costs. These costs (with no allowance made for self-payment) add up to $1,000. this money will be used for:

25 Baby simulators of different kinds (disabled, drug affected and alcohol affected, and shaken baby syndrome models will all be included to cover topics of the affects of those influences on children and how to respond to them)

Baby products (diapers, bibs, baby food and utensils, all for practicing)

Models of female anatomy for birth preparation and expectations and also a more practical sexual education program for teens

An allowance for print outs and posters

An allowance for marketing

If the requested amount of money is not donated at the end of this period, then I will use whatever was donated towards these materials.

The Impact
As mentioned before, the chances of a teen parent (or the child of a teen parent) living in an impoverished area being able to rise above their situation to become a successful adult and good parent are dismal. I seek to improve those odds through proper education of the parents. This program will give teen parents a bigger chance to enter into parenthood with the proper knowledge, support, and confidence. Through building great parents, we build great children. Through building great children, we build great futures. It is time for us to stop ignoring teen parents and to start educating them. "If you must parent, parent well".

There are other programs that teach teen parents these skills, but they are all used by state agencies as a punishment after punitive action has been taken against a neglectful parent. This program will circumvent some of the need for reactive education of parents and create proactive education for parents who WANT to learn the proper skills.

Risks & Challenges
The only risk that is being taken in this program is the fact that I am not a certified teacher. However, I have years of experience in child care, I have interned for a market place literacy and entrepreneurship education program that allowed me to teach young adults, and I have tutored both middle and high school students. I believe that this is sufficient experience for me to be able to effectively teach the things that students need to know.

Another risk being taken in investing in this program is the fact that most schools have limited funding. I am going to circumvent this problem by running a free pilot programs in the schools first. I am willing to do this because I believe in the effectiveness of my program curriculum and I am invested in doing what it takes to make the program successful even if I have to work a little for no pay for a while.

Other Ways You Can Help
Donating is not the only way that you can help PPTO. You can also help by sharing the link so that the word can be spread about this program.

Thank you for reading loves.


Organized by

Kiki Cobbs

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