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Preemie to Pre-Med

Raising funds, creating smiles.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, pediatric hospitals across the nation were forced to severely limit their volunteer and patient support programs. These hospitals have also lost billions of dollars in funding since the pandemic began. For pediatric child life and wellness programs, which are often under-funded, the financial and logistical impacts have been severe.

Here at Preemie to Pre-Med, we know firsthand how integral child life programs are during pediatric hospital stays. Whether it’s a movie recommendation, planning weekly events, or explaining a diagnosis to a patient, child life specialists inspire boundless curiosity and play in all children that pass through a hospital’s doors.

To address the issues exacerbated by COVID-19, Preemie to Pre-Med is hoping to raise a starting value of $10,000 to donate to one child life and wellness program each year. Part of these funds will be reserved for a special event, coined “Doctor for a Day”, where pediatric patients and their physicians will have the chance to switch places. Our hope is that through our donations and PTP event, we can not only address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on pediatric patients, but also inspire patients to pursue their dreams no matter their diagnosis!