Pratham Phoenix Gala 2017 Photo
Pratham Phoenix Gala 2017 Photo

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EVENT DATE: Sep 16, 2017

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 23, 2017

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Every year, 26 million Indian children like Nancy enter first grade. Half will reach fifth grade unable to read or write. Many of these kids live in rural communities, where most of India's poor reside.  A donation of $25  will help educate one child.


About Pratham
Pratham is the largest education NGO in India. Their mission is to have every child in school and learning well. Rather than build schools, Pratham develops low-cost solutions to address gaps in the education system and works in collaboration with India’s governments, communities, educators and industry to improve learning outcomes for millions of children each year.  

Their methods have been evaluated by the J-PAL, an outgrowth of MIT's Department of Economics, through randomized control trials for over a decade and have been found to be highly effective in improving learning. And you can give with confidence because Charity Navigator ranks Pratham USA in the top 4% of 1.5 million American charities.


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