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The People-Powered $10K Challenge (#PP10K) is a grassroots fundraising campaign that activates the collective power of our friends, families, and social networks to raise $10,000 or more towards racial and economic justice in NYC. The idea is really simple: if 100 of us ask 10 of our friends to each give $10 over 10 days, we’ll raise $10,000 or more for CAAAV. CAAAV builds the power of low-income Asian immigrants in NYC to fight for social change. Our Chinatown Tenants Union develops Chinatown residents threatened by displacement into leaders who wage campaigns to remain in their homes and protect affordable housing in NYC. Our Public Housing Project unites Bengali, Korean, and Chinese public housing residents to advocate for language access reforms and improved living conditions that inspire healthier and immigrant-inclusive public housing communities. The People-Powered $10K Challenge invites you to join a people-powered movement for leaderful communities, solutions developed by those directly impacted, and systemic change! What can $10,000 do? (The answer: A LOT!) • $10K = An office space for members to meet safely and build community for six months • $10K = One year of stipends for leaders to outreach and recruit more tenants • $10K = A season of campaign development and public-speaking trainings for members • $10K = Interpretation equipment to facilitate meetings in 3 languages? • $10K = Feeds our members and volunteers for…? SIGN UP NOW to be one of the 100 People Movers who fundraise $100 or more. Together, we can easily and collectively raise $10,000 through $10 gifts...That’s small change for BIG IMPACT. THANK YOU!
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