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Possibility Playground, located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Wisconsin is a great playground on a Great Lake. It allows children with disabilities to play side-by-side with their able-bodied peers, creating an environment where understanding, empathy, and acceptance can flourish.

https://possibilityplayground.org/ Tax ID 22-3966273


Possibility Playground was the first community built universally accessible in Southeastern Wisconsin.  The playground provides a diverse and sensory-rich experience that fosters social, recreational, and educational opportunities for children of all abilities. The playground was built in 2008 entirely with donated funds, materials, and volunteer labor.  Admission to the playground is free. 

The playground is so well loved and well used, that some items have reached the end of their expected life.  Improvements are needed to enhance side-by-side play. We are once again raising funds as a community and gathering volunteers to do a community build in September 2019 to add the following enhancements:

  • Artistic Nessie (friendly Loch Ness monster) entryway to stimulate young imaginations
  • Wheelchair accessible Merry-Go-Round to facilitate more side-by-side play
  • Stainless Steel twisty slide safe for children with cochlear hearing implants
  • Kid-size replica of the local bandshell with new instruments for an enhanced musical experience
  • Kid-size replica of the local historic Court House Clock Tower
  • New and more engaging learning panels throughout