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Lets Work for Good Inc

Employing adults with Autism!

https://www.popcornforthepeople.com Tax ID 47-3892053


Let's Work for Good Inc  operates as Popcorn for the People.

Popcorn  for the People is a non profit combatting the 80% unemployment rate in the Autism community through the creation and selling of uniquely flavored gourmet popcorn. 

It all started with Samuel Bier. Samuel is a high functioning 24 year old with autism. He wants to travel, have fun, and work just like everybody else—we ask ourselves: where can a bright, energetic young man that simply views the world slightly different find work, fulfillment, and happiness? 

Just when we thought the options were limiting, we spotted a popcorn store in East Brunswick available for sale and this ignited the spark that started it all. We decided to combine America’s favorite snack with Samuel’s passion and unique worldview to create a popcorn with a purpose. We invited other individuals, like Agnes, a star chef and mother of a child with autism, to join our team. While Agnes experimented with new flavors, Sam cooked the popcorn. Before we knew it, we gained an overwhelmingly positive response and began a movement, inviting more individuals to feel empowered, take bigger risks, and embrace accountability.