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Making the world better one project at a time.

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PM4NGOs is an international NGO dedicated to the advancement of project management skills for individuals and organizations working in the development and humanitarian sectors throughout the world. We develop best practice guides, methodologies, tools, and technique that are accredited, peer reviewed, and evidenced by an internationally recognized certification.

Our primary methodologies include the Project DPro (PMD Pro) and Program DPro, developed in partnership with the well-known NGOs and skilled subject matter experts from around the world. Our products and resources are always affordable, accessible, and appropriate.

Over the last 10 years we are proud that the Project DPro has reached over 30,000 development and humanitarian sector professionals around the world. The fact remains that there are hundreds of thousands more. Many of them work for small, local organizations in their own communities. Many of them are volunteers.  All of whom could benefit from learning more about project management to better serve their communities.  For example, a community women’s group working in a slum may be able to improve their service delivery through the logical framework and risk analysis. A farmers’ cooperative may benefit from better understanding stakeholders and understanding how to measure the progress of their initiatives.  

We want to reach as many people, teams, and organizations as possible to help them reap the benefits of improved project management practices.   We have developed learning materials and provided the Project DPro Guide free of charge, but many local professionals would also like the opportunity to take the Project DPro certification exam.

This is where YOU can help, where YOU can make a difference for a blossoming project manager in the developing world.   PM4NGOs is raising funds to provide scholarships for team members from local organizations to take the certification exam.  In the current context, in which there is restricted travel and movement as a result of the pandemic, we will rely more and more on local organizations and need to ensure they have the skills and tools they need to succeed. 

Visit our website if you would like to read more about the  Project DPro (PMD Pro) story, case studies, benefits, and the PM4NGOs work.  

Help us to change the work and make it better, one project at a time.

Our Mission:

To promote and sustain the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector.

Our Vision:

An equitable and sustainable world where social investment achieves the greatest impact

PM4NGOs will help achieve this vision through its work in promoting excellence in the management of social investment projects and programmes. We will create and maintain best practice guidance for development professionals, certification schemes for those working in the sector who will be proud to hold an internationally recognized qualification and a forum for communication and discussion about international development sector best practice.