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Plummer Youth Promise

Family for Everyone

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At Plummer Youth Promise, we deeply believe that children need families. We also believe they need skills and community connections to be successful. Ideally, these are built within the context of family – either their biological family, or if that’s not possible, a new, permanent family….

Plummer’s intervention model focuses on three concepts: permanent families, preparedness and community. Our theory is that when young people have all three of these things, they are more likely to succeed as adults. Each of our programs emphasizes these concepts to varying degrees, depending on the program and the needs of the youth served.

We employ our intervention model across our four direct service programs, which serve more than 200 young people:

Residential Care: We offer a number of residential options for youth from ages 13 to 22. Our group home and supported apartment for boys, and our community apartments for young men and women, offer a variety of treatment settings Foster Care: We train and support foster parents … Permanency Mediation: Our experts off permanency mediation, an alternative to contested court proceeding for children in the Massachusetts foster care system, by addressing the unique issues involved in care and protection, guardianship and termination of parental rights proceedings Intensive Permanency Services (IPS):  Through a partnership with Department of Children and Families (DCF) Northern Region, our IPS experts provide intensive, permanency-specific work with the intent of helping youth in DCF care connect or reconnect with permanent families.

Our influence is further amplified through our two collaboration programs:

OnPoint: Plummer Youth Promise’s OnPoint program is operated in collaboration with the Salem Police Community Impact Unit and Essex County Juvenile Probation. The primary goal of the program is to keep youth from entering juvenile detention or foster care. Permanency Practice Leadership: Plummer Youth Promise’s Permanency Practice Leadership division provides specialized permanency consulting, training, coaching and technical assistance for child welfare providers, government agencies and other nonprofit organizations.