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Hello My name is Andrew, and this has been a horrible year for me. On the night of June 2nd my life took a shotgun blast to the heart when I unfortunately found my mother passed away in her chair. It completely wrecked me and still eats at me daily. I'm a trained EMT and I feel as tho I let my sisters down and that couldn't save my mother. I also recently have lost my marriage, someone who I thought was my best friend and wife wished that I would die like my mother did and it broke my heart. So I'm starting over again. I have always given back to others in my life. When I was 17 a women and her 3 kids were murdered beside my house when this man followed them home and set their house on fire. I woke up to my dogs barking and I ran to try to save them but it was to late. Over that tragedy I have dedicated my life to saving others...I work as a youth counselor and I volunteer as a firefighter, emt and a constable. I'm sending this email because when my wife left she took my bed and I'm left to sleep on the floor with a horrible back disorder called scoliosis, I have days were it takes 10-15 mins to wake up because the back pain is so terrible. I have very few things in life I'm trying to rebuild and there are multiple things I could ask help for, but I just want a place to sleep I'll manage with my other struggles and sorrow. Thank you so much Stay Blessed



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