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Start raising money to repair wife/husband mouth decay due to methadone

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My wife and I have recently been put on a medication. My wife went to the dentist before she started taking the medication. The dentist took x-rays. She began the medication while she was pregnant. The dentist took x-rays after the a by was born and she had been on the medication for 9 months. Every single one of her teeth needs to be filled and are completely destroyed. The dentist believes tis is a result of being pregnant and on the medication. Now her front tooth has broken and she needs a root canal and a replacement tooth. I really want to take care of her. However me my teeth have caused me so many infections I have taken at least 8 courses of antibiotics for teeth infections this year My teeth are gradually falling apart. You know as well as I do people here who are going to hire you for a job are more likely to hire someone with a great smile, as opposed to someone who is missing teeth. Missing teeth scream drug addict. My problem is I was told to stay away from trampolines when I was a kid, and I knocked all m teeth out when I was 13. After they replaced them when I was 18 I fell into a metal railing while saving my son from hitting his head. I smashed half of my front teeth, So we really just want to have decent looking teeth so we can get good jobs, and not be looked down upon by the average person. Because no matter how much we say most people don't care what you look like they are wrong. What is the first thing you do when you look at someone? You rate how they look without even thinking about it. My wife and I just want the chance to fit in like everyone else.



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Alexis is working on selecting a charity so you can support Start raising money to repair wife/husband mouth decay due to methadone.