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Hello everyone. My name is C'erra Vallentine from Cleveland Ohio. Recently, me and my family's beautiful Alaskin Malimute "Auto" was taken from us by the police because of our neighbor and ordered to be placed in the kennel for 10 days! My mom is off work, my brother is having a hard time making ends meet, and I am a college student in debt. They are charging us $100 each day and so far it's been 5 days! For the past two years, we've had Auto, our neighbor has been kind of upset and angered that we don't like Auto playing with his Pitbull. There has been countless times when our neighbor has let his Pitbull purposefully out of the house and off the leash knowing that his dog is going to run in our yard, just to play with Auto because Auto is so friendly and he loves dogs. Auto is just around 2 years old and full of love and energy. We've had to break them up from playing countless times in our yard because our neighbor has let him off the leash.. we told our neighbor do not do this, we don't really want other animals in our yard but he makes it seem like it's just an accident because he desperately wants our dog to be familiar with his dog. So recently, an incident occurred. Just a few days ago, Auto broke out of our yard because he saw the Pitbull outside off the leash again with his owner and Auto ran up to the pittbull trying to play with him and My mom herd the dogs so she ran out and grabbed auto. She went over and broke it up and asked our neighbor if he was okay he said yes and he took his dog inside. And my mom took Auto inside. Done- But then, the very next day the police arrived at OUR house saying that the man filed a report and said he was bitten but hes not sure witch dog did it! (How can you file a report, and say that your not sure?) So, the police as a result, came out to our house and they took Auto from us.. it was heartbreaking and shocking because we had no idea the guy was hurt or that he filed a report, especially after we asked if he was OK and him telling us yes. The people from the kennel parked 6 houses up the street, they came into our yard put the wire on Autos neck and walked him all the way down the street six houses down so that everyone could see him being taken away. Everyone on our street kind of knows Auto. When the kids ride their bikes past our yard when adults and their children walk past they always stop and they look and wave at him. H'es such a sweet animal. And now, he's gone.. we've went to the police station to try to figure out how to get him released from the kennel but they told us a court date and that we have to talk to the officer that's in charge of dogs situations that happen like this but they won't be in until Tuesday and Auto has been in this kennel since last Thursday! They told us that we have to write a letter to the judge explaining why our dog is a good dog and why he should be released earlier than 10 days.. but when we did this, they said we still have to wait until the court date to give the letter. Witch is on the 7th day.. I just have a really bad feeling that they're not going to release him until after 10 days and each day it keeps adding up in adding up. We love Auto so much and we are going to fight for him, but it's hard because we don't have money..we've contacted the kennel and they said that they don't even kniw why he is still there, they have seen how friendly he is and that hes a great dog. The kennel is actually on our side and they don't want to keep Auto, they want to release him to us but Cleveland Heights police is taking their sweet time and not helping us and giving us the runaround. We've contacted the dog warden the health department and everyone that we know and nothing new is coming up.. We are constantly being charged everyday he is in the kennel. Auto would never hurt anyone. Auto is so playful and full of energy and likes to play with every animal that he sees! He has never bitten anyone he has never been mean to anyone and he is so gentle with my sister's kids which age range is 2 to 6 years old he is one of the most loving and affectionate animals I've ever known. And I'm willing to fight to the end for him. The police station has even told us that if we don't think we can come up with the money that we can sign him over to the city and they can place him somewhere else and me and my brother and my mom were all shocked because we couldn't believe that the police station was actually telling us that.. It was almost as if they don't want us to have our dog back! But we are determined to fight because he is family and he is a big part of our lives and I'm asking for you guys help because I don't know what else to do. Please, check out pictures of Auto here Instagram @c_lyfe Please email me at cerravoice.ccc@gmail.Com Please, if you can, even if it's 5 bucks. Please help us fight for Auto. Let's bring him home!


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