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Planned Purpose Program (Ph-The Prosperity Group)

Bridging social inequalities one mind at a time.

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We  adopted evidenced based curriculum “ Life Skills Training : Promoting Health and Personal Development “ Mr. Botvin has several curriculum designed for children and teenagers . We selected it because it showed favorable results for our targeted demographic. We have trained about 10 mentors  using this curriculum and it has continued to prove user friendly and easy for students to interpret the concepts presented.

We provide  group  mentoring as well as one on one. So our numbers fluctuate. In addition to our mentoring we do events for the community (I.e. book bag give away, financial seminars, health expos, donate shoes to the needy, etc.) we plug in where we are needed and partner with other organizations to support underserved areas. 

Our website is no longer active I cut some things off due to funding and lack of financial support. Our Facebook page is still u but I don’t use it for promoting any longer. Most of my time is actually serving so I don’t do as much promotion and advertising. We also serve upwards of 5-10 disabled veterans a week as a extra service for volunteering.