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Providing Inspiration, Vision and Opportunities for Transformation (PIVOT)

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We piloted Futures Summer Skills Boot Camp in 2018 and enrolled 17 youth, 13-16 years old.  We have since received funding for a session in June 2019.  We have enrolled 30 youth, however we only have the funding for 15 youth.   Additional funding will make this opportunity available for 45 youth between 2019 and 2020.  

Studies show that pre-employment programs must begin earlier than age 16, must be comprehensive, and incorporate development of personal characteristics that will ultimately encourage youth to stay in school, must offer soft skills and/or life skills, such as punctuality, workplace expectations, temperance and self management. 

Making a clear path to adulthood and self-sufficiency before youth fall into the path set by the communities they live in, is one of the best ways to prevent them from needing our services in the future.  "If we don't intercede we perpetuate a human tragedy and when we raise the prospect of another generation of children born to parents who canoot provide for them financially, raise them effectively and guide them toward a productive adulthood, we increase the liklihood that the incarceration rates will remain high, with devastating personal and social consequences.  Unprepared youth experience years of trouble with crime, drug and alcohol abust, unwed childbearing and other barriers that affect life."