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Piscataquis Regional Food Center

PRFC gets food moving to help connect people with sources of healthy food!

http://www.prfoodcenter.org Tax ID 82-2245071


PRFC's two most important programs are Food Delivery for

Home Bound Seniors (FDHS) and its partnership with Good

Shepherd Food Bank (GSFB) to establish a regional

redistribution hub that will increase the amount of healthy,

local foods available to the area's hunger-relief network.

FDHS provides isolated, low-income seniors with home delivered

fresh produce, Commodity Food Boxes, and foods

from local food cupboards. Through the GSFB partnership,

PRFC is developing more direct, responsive, and nimble

channels to local food growers and producers. The goal is to

develop mutually beneficial relationships between the

region's agricultural businesses and its most underserved

community members.