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Pirate Football Boosters Inc

Pirate Football Boosters, supporting Piedmont Hills Pirates Football since 2013


Created in 2013, the Pirate Football Boosters, Inc. is a 501c3 non profit organization with the mission to support the entire Football Program at Piedmont Hills High School.  The PFB not only helps plan and run various fundraising efforts such as our Pirate Football Swag sales and our annual PH Golf Tournament (a joint venture with the PH Parent Boosters), but also is the driving force behind team building activities such as weekly team dinners and our trips to events such as Summer 7on7 tournaments and our YMCA ropes course camping trip in the summer of 2019.  These events are funded through the work of the PFB and the generousity of our football families, our PHHS staff, the community, and our Football alumni.